Dog and puppy services

Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you

Dog walking services during the working day Covering most of the Inverness area Each walk is one hour long and costs £12.50 (£20 for two dogs) Puppy care visits only £6

Dog Walking

Each walk lasts an hour and will be in a pack of no more than four. Up to 30 mins traveling time after pick up depending on walk location. I endeavor to take the dogs to quiet walks where they can run and play in safety. Only after getting permission from you will I let the dog off their lead. I will visit with you and your dog at home initially to discuss your needs.

Puppy Care

Puppy visits for pups going through their inoculation period. A visit lasts around 15mins, times can be arranged to suit. For pups that have been inoculated, a walk near your home can be arranged with your consent. And when ready I can let them meet the other dogs they may eventually get walked with.


If your have an elderly dog that may not be fit enough for the hour walk then I can tailer the puppy care visits to suit. For existing clients there maybe the option of home boarding by arrangement. If you have other requirements which I may not have covered please feel free to contact me to discuss.